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Area Agency on Aging Public Meeting

1.      Roll Call

2.      Call to Order

3.      Approval of Minutes

·        Action:Approve Minutes

4.      AAAIII SFY 2020 Budget Report

·        Action:Approve Budget

5.      AAAIII Response to COVID 19

6.      Additional debit account for staffthat are on travel.

·        Action:Approve additional checking account

7.      Discuss Emergency Sick Leave forstaff

·        Action:Emergency Sick Leave Policy

8.      Discuss extended sick leave forindividuals that lose childcare

·        Action:Public Health Emergency Policy

9.      Company Vehicle Policy

·        Action:Approve Policy

10.  Cell Phone Policy

·        Action:Approve Policy

11.  Next meeting

12.  Adjourn


Apr 29 2020


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Dial in Number 12087890851 Conference ID 441614941
Dial in Number 12087890851 Conference ID 441614941,


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