Advisory Board

The SWIA3 Advisory Council helps in the administration and planning of the Older Americans Act programs by gathering information and ideas that help to coordinate the delivery of services and by responding effectively to the strengths and needs of older adults throughout the southwest Idaho region.
The Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council advises the Area III Agency on Aging continuously on all matters relating to the development of the Area Plan and the administration of the plan.  Under the general direction of the Area Agency on Aging Director, an Advisory Council member shall serve on the Advisory Council and assist in performing the function of the Advisory Council.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Attend pre-scheduled Advisory Council meetings during the months of January, March, June, August and October.
  2. Provide input on topics and issues, including the Area Plan, at the request of the Area Agency on Aging.
  3. Represent and advocate for the interests of all older persons in the area.
  4. Assist the Area Agency on Aging with grievance procedures related to clients and contractors.
  5. Assist in the recruiting and training of volunteers.
  6. Teamwork is essential to effective service provision.
  7. Conduct must be in a professional and cooperative manner with providers, employees, fellow volunteers and other agencies and organizations.

Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging is looking for NEW Advisory Council members!